These three problem emotions are very familiar to most people. Most find themselves plagued by at least one of these blights on the emotional landscape, but many struggle with all three.

Guilt, Anger, and Frustration are very unpleasant, and they drain considerable amounts of emotional energy. Uncovering the shared cognitive trigger for these three emotions (through in-house clinical experience and investigation), and the subsequent ability to demonstrate that all three of these emotions almost never make sense (except under one very specific condition), has encouraged Ed Zahra to specialise in finding ways to teach you best how to understand and strengthen that basic aspect of your psychological health: emotional self-control.

This concept of emotional self-control is not a 'control-freak' type of control... it is more of a 'self-management' type of control.

When understanding how to apply the concept of emotional self-control to these three emotions, in particular, using the best-practice approach of Cognitive Therapy, it becomes clear that:

  • these generally pointless and unpleasant emotions are internally generated;
  • one can choose to respond to the particular emotion-triggering circumstances in a different, and much more comfortable, way; and
  • when they do make sense, they can actually be quite useful emotions.

Once you see it, it seems so obvious!

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